BrightBerry Farm Seedling list


    Here at Our Farm, 4262 Kennebec Rd, Dixmont ME 04932
    Natural Living Center, 209 Longview Dr, Bangor, ME 04401
    Tiller & Rye, 20 South Main St, Brewer, ME 04412

Use this chart to work up your order

Store Pricing: $2.69/ 2.5" pot/ 6-pack       $3.99 / 3.5" pot (plus tax)

Farm Pricing: $2.50 / 2.5" pot/ 6-pack     $3.50 / 3.5" pot (plus tax)

(Yes, for some reason, seedlings, including vegetable seedlings, are taxed)

For more information call 207-234-4225 or email jeanhay @

Organic Seedlings 2.5" pots     2.5" pots        
Cherry Tomatoes     Regular slicers     Herbs    
Sun Gold      Celebrity      Dill - Dwarf / Full   6-pks
Sweet Olive      Jet Star     Parsley - Italian   6-pks
Sun Cherry     New Girl     Parsley - Moss Curled   6-pks
Indigo Cherry Drops     Oregon Spring     Basil -
   Genovese / Italian
  2.5" pots
Tomatoberry      Pink Beauty      Basil -
    Asian Cinnamon
  2.5" pots
Supersweet 100     Valley Girl     Basil - Red Rubin   2.5" pots
Cocktail Tomatoes     Heirloom Tomatoes     Basil - Sweet Thai   2.5" pots
Mountain Magic     Aunt Rubys German green     German Winter Thyme   2.5" pots
Indigo Rose      Brandywine      Broadleaf Sage   2.5" pots
Clementine     Cherokee Purple           
Glacier     Cosmonaut Volkov      Flowers    
Paste Tomatoes      Green Zebra Tomato     Morning Glory  

3.5" pots

Bellstar     Moskvich      Silver Dollar   3.5" pots
Pasta paste     Pineapple bicolor      Bachelor Button    3.5" pots
Amish paste      Pruden's Purple           
Grandma Mary's      Striped German      Vegetables    
Hog Heart     Valencia orange       Yellow Storage   Onions (~50/pot)   3.5" pots

(Coming Soon)
Sweet Peppers: Ace, King of North, Carmen, Flavorburst, Gourmet Orange,
      Lipstick, Sweet Pimiento (red) , Sweet Sunrise, and Tangerine
Hot Peppers: Hungarian Hot Wax, Early Jalopeno, and Thai Hot

Eggplant: Swallow, Listada de Gandia (white/purple stripes)
Broccoli: Arcadia, and Gypsy
Brussels Sprouts: Dagan
Cauliflower: Snow Crown
Cabbage: Tiara
Chard - Bright Lights
Lettuce: 6-packs
Flowers: Hollyhocks, Marigolds

Late April – May
Cukes --
Slicers and Pickling
Summer Squash, Zucchini

And More….